Preci-Tech Engineering Services is a design, development, & manufacturing company with a goal to supply high quality & high precision mechanical components at a very competitive & attractive cost.

Preci-Tech is growing manufacturing company based in Pune, one of the biggest automobile & industrial hub in India. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to cater our clients worldwide.

We have tie-ups with many raw material suppliers like foundries, forging shops & steel mills from which we outsource raw-materials. We also outsource some services like Super-finishing operations, Heat treatments, Surface treatments & raw material testing.

We 100% export our Parts , Sub-assemblies, Mechanisms & Various other equipment’s to our customers. All the items are manufactured as per international quality standards, by using advance technologies, latest CNC machines, measuring equipment’s, excellent quality raw materials tested in NABL accredited laboratory, advance heat treatment & surface treatment processes.

From the beginning, Preci-Tech had the vision to become one of the recognized company in the field of engineering contributing its efforts towards ‘cost reduction’ of various engineering products & maintaining ‘international quality’ standards.

Preci-Tech is your technological pillar that can reliably manufacture parts which you need ready for assembly. You do not have to monitor any of the activities since we are in a position to manufacture & deliver quality finish product at customers doorstep.

Our strength is, on one hand, we have 24 years of rich working experience with multinational groups, which provides us the background and methods of quality work. On the other hand, as a small entity, we are really reactive and respondent to our customers’ needs. Hence we can take advantage of both Knowledge achieved after 24 years working with big groups and  Flexibility provided by a small entity.

Our Vision

To encompass all desirable working systems in PTES and become a benchmark as a Quality supplier of engineering goods in the International Mechanical Industry.

Our Mission

  • Working as Zero Defect Supplier with all our customers.
  • Expertise in tooling design & manufacturing processes.
  • Assured precision & international quality.
  • Low cost, Shorter development period.
  • On-time delivery, consistently.

Preci-Tech was founded in the year 2011. Before starting this firm, our founders have served in several product-manufacturing Japanese & European multinational companies for about 24 years. Our experience iss diversified into – Product Design, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Purchase, Vendor Development, Global Sourcing, Supply Chain & Business Management.

A manufacturing business requires all the attention that you can give …rising standards of quality and demands for lower costs is a challenging situation to handle. We cover the entire spectrum of engineered components under one roof. This helps us in being a single point contact for the international customer.

We have developed a team of competent and specialized vendors in all areas of manufacturing and we work in a close collaboration to provide a complete solution to our international customers.

We have studied the problems involved in sourcing quality-engineered products from India and we have mastered the techniques required to overcome the difficulties i.e. Engineering aspect of manufacturing difficulties, Logistics difficulties involved in getting the product from manufacturer’s premises to that of the customers in abroad